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Did u ever have a friend(s) that desperately needed your help, and unfortunately because of your few experiences all you could offer them is th spiritual wisdom and guidance that you yourself have come to know and the journey u are striving on which is not perfect and this is what you’re explaining, along with legit scriptures and references to miracles, and YET it will never be enough because whether the person needing the help has spiritual inclination or not they have to make up in their own minds that they will give everything to God, and besides that though I still forever feel like I disappoint God since I am unable to connect with people at that level… No I do not have a story of how I used to be a drunk or get drunk or high to the point where my life choices consumed me, nor have I been that girl who didn’t have a daddy or that guy or girl whose parents or fam mem was abusive, no those are not my stories, never will be, and the only thing I am left to compel people to draw to Him is living my life as an example ….and if to me it doesn’t seem like enough then I am losing out on souls I am not winning, and need not rest until I can win and not lose….


This is 17-year-old Kwasi Enin from Long Island.

He applied to a few schools.

And got into all of them.

Which schools, you ask?

Maybe you’ve heard of 

No big deal.

(Photo: David Wexler / New York Daily News)

Yeah so the issue is actually maintaining wherever he goes… All the psychological hoops he’ll be tunnelling through Now is when the hunger games begin..

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